Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nascar and CT's Pics

John, Mike, James and Dalyn all took off to Nascar during Spring Break leaving the ladies and the children to fend for themselves. Of course we survived! The boys had a blast watching the Nationwide Series and the Sprint Cup Series. Here are a few pictures John took and also a few of my favorite pics from Spring Break. Enjoy!
My favorite pic right now of my little man. He is so adorable!

My favorite driver. Yes, it is Jeff Gordon.

Tony Stewart pitting.

Yes, Jeff Gordon one more time! Gotta love him!

James and Dalyn watching the race.

Dalyn and John making Smores.

Mike and James at Nascar.

Gran and all the great grand kids.

CT in his "Cool" glasses and camo hat.

In front of Stonecrest subdivision.

CT playing at McDonald's.

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